Image of T/ERIP - Christmas Tape 2015 - c90 + gold chain set

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T/ERIP - Christmas Tape 2015 - c90 + gold chain set


To commemorate the past year I am offering surplus copies of the T/ECA 2015 Christmas Tape. This iteration contains unreleased material by Yeast Culture (one of the earliest recorded tracks circa 1988), Glands of External Secretion, Leslie Keffer (Village Voice named her track one of the best of 2015), Quicksails, Thoabath, Mike Tamburo, Chemtrails, Flower Pattern, Khaki Blazer, Long Distance Poison. A great set of music and non music on a single c90. Packaged in a screen printed box and comes with a special gold chain. Limited to 20 units for sale by T/ECA (total of 50 made)

Complete artist list:

Dr Quinn
Flower Pattern
Mike Tamburo
Khaki Blazer
Long Distance Poison
Sikk Laffter
Fletcher Pratt & Sharkiface
Andrew Kirschner
Fire Death
Leslie Keffer
Glands of External Secretion
Yeast Culture